Helping Trekkers to track their journeys

Ideas to Apps

SahyadriTreks :

AppRely has developed SahyadriTreks app for Trekking enthusiast, history lovers, wanderers. It has crossed 9000 users on playstore & more than 2000 active users. It consists of more than 100 treks information in Sahyadri ( western ghats ). Information about lots of forts in Sahyadri Mountain range in & around Maharashtra state.
It also helps users to search/find treks, complete it & maintain their diary.

Challenges :

android fragmentation

GPS Tracking is one of the main challenges while developing this android app.Currently Android is the dominant mobile platform with around 88 percent share of the worldwide mobile operating systems market. The open ideals that it was founded upon led to unprecedented diversity and a huge smartphone revolution, but they also sparked Fragmentation. Android ecosystem consists of thousands of devices with varied size & resolutions.
Lots of android devices have low memory & also has poor network connection. Custom ROMs created by manufactures further complicate development efforts.
Considering all these factors, tracking users with GPS is very challenging task.

App Features :

1. All trek related information & pics of more than 100 forts. We have also provided offline support.
2. Users can track their (GPS) trail and share the details with their friends on facebook.
3. Trek locations on the map.
4. Users can create an account & maintain their own diary.
5. User profiles.
6. Available in English/Marathi language.
7. Social platform/community for trekkers.
8. Check trending trails of fellow trekkers.
9. Upload & share pictures with friends.