The Client is a software company that specializes in delivering CRM-like business management solutions. Client wants to develop a CRM app for small scale(40- 50 employees) industries. They were providing service to 100 customers. Until engaging with AppRely, Client was operating with a cumbersome, unreliable IT infrastructure. Network failures were frequent, and their clients were becoming increasingly frustrated with regular system downtime. Despite having mobile app, they lacked a reliable support for infrastructure & development.


One of the most difficult challenges was to make the whole system stable. When client approached us, their system was not stable & scalable enough to add more customers. It was facing several disruptions due to coding errors. Development mistakes from previous developer severely affecting its server & client side performance. It had very basic functionality but performance was not consistent and UI was not that appealing.

Initially it used to take about 12-13 mins to login into app for the very first time. Sync feature which was developed by earlier developer was completely broken. We had also noticed lots of architectural & database related problems.


AppRely began its initial analysis by examining overall system & then concentrated on areas which needs urgent attention. We presented our initial findings & strategy for performance improvement. We started with server side analyse. We analysed cloud logs & optimized system for performance improvement.

We improved performance with :

  • Server side data caching to improve speed
  • Android side sync optimisation
  • Database query optimization
  • Reducing server calls
  • Caching/storing android side data
  • Database design changes
  • Lots of other changes also implemented to improve user experience.
  • Extensive testing carried out to support lower end mobile phones & low network support.


Performance of the app has been considerably increased due to our changes. More than 300 new customers acquired by client. App architecture has become scalable & can handle thousands of users without any performance issues.

User experience was altered on large extent. User registration & login steps simplified which has positive impact on user acquisition. client was very impressed with our professionalism and our quick action which prevented major breakdown of system. He is very happy about positive feedback he has been receiving from his customers.